You are able to move in any direction by using the W,A,S,D keys. This will allow you to move up, down, left, and right respectively. You can use your mouse to control the direction that your player is facing. The player can use a grapple gun to grapple on to different platforms by left clicking on platforms. Hold a platform for an extended period of time and let go at the right moment to get a nice swing! Practice this and you will get comfortable with the swinging in the game. You can press the spacebar to jump. You can also press the spacebar twice to double jump. Press the H key to go to the main menu with scene selection. Select any scene you would like to play in the scene selection menu.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, First-Person, Parkour, Singleplayer


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is no one gonna tell him you can grapple on the bottom of the regular grey/platform blocks orrrrr


make a download options, and naice

its great but could u add more mechanics with the grapple gun


I like the idea a lot! If you continue development then you can make custom assets, fix a few bug and etc.

Also don't listen to people that're going to say that it's a Karlson rip-off :)


I'm not saying it a ripoff and its called karlsooon

You may not but others will

ok  i thought they were talking about me

but thats a flare gun>:(

ok first time playin this 

wowo im spiderman



Show post...

I had a good time



it has a lot of bug s

in it


tru tru

This is a cool idea, I've never seen a grapple gun mechanics in a platform before. It's a little buggy and difficult to control. I'd suggest only showing the black dot in the middle of the screen when you are able to grapple onto something so we know how close we need to be/if we can grapple that platform. I think it's a great idea but just needs a bug fix. 

there were so many bugs while doing this game I don't really like it but great effort.

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